Treacherous Times

6. The Death of Lord Clay

A few months after Thornton’s birthday house Blackcliff receives a raven requesting their Maester, as Lord Clay has fallen deathly ill. By the time the Maester and an escort arrive in Stonehollow the lord has died. The Maester examines the body and finds that a massive heart attack was the cause, which was not considered suspicious due to the lifestyle of the lord.

Thornton decides to release newly knighted Ser Pelin and his younger brother Fenast back to Daggerwise, as they will need them more than Blackcliff. He also reassures Lady Skalla that they will support them in the turbulent times ahead. Soon after Por sends a long letter to Lady Skalla proposing that her daughter be wed as soon as possible, and that Thorton’s wedding would be a perfect opportunity to screen potential suitors. She also recommends that Hilda come to stay at castle Blackciff so she can acquaint herself with courtly behavior. The offer of an arranged marriage is gratefully received, but the offer to stay at castle Blackcliff is politely declined.

More months pass, and Thornton and his entourage make good on the many visits promised during his celebrations, and preparations begin for the second great event in the history of house Blackcliff -the wedding of Thornton and Corrianne.



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