Knights of Blackcliff


The “Winter Knights”
These are the last surviving knights from Lord Blackcliff’s military days. Although well past their prime, they still consider themselves protectors of Penhurst and his domain.

Ser Lendell Moore
Description: A shrunken, wrinkled and moustachioed old knight whose armour looks too big for him. He is prideful and just.

Ser Arnold the Penniless
Description: A fat and wheezy old knight whose gut oozes out from beneath his armour. He enjoys the good things in life, often to excess.

Ser Jon Ploughsworth
The youngest of the Winter Knights (but still around 50) – smallfolk raised to nobility.
Description: Greying red hair, burly, large nosed and pox scarred. Fiercely loyal to Penhurst, but does not get along with Miroslav (perhaps he is jealous of his more favoured status).

Other Knights owning little or no land
Adric Easterman “the Hungry Knight” – gaunt and sickly looking, but surprisingly fit and strong
Akelim Crofter – an average fighter but a remarkable horseman
Edmund the Tall – remarkably short, but brave despite his size
Justin Salter – An attractive knight with a wry sense of humour
Mowbray Longwinter – a northererner a long way from home
Slean the Black – named due to his frostbitten extremities, not his demeanor
Laurence Lime “limestone” – a neckless, muscled brute of a man
Brom Bitterstone – As bitter as his name


Knights of Blackcliff

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