House Blackcliff

Liege Lord: Penhurst Blackcliff
Realm: Mountains of the Moon
Motto: “We Stand Fast”


Defence 52 – invested: 50
Castle (Defending Units gain a + 6 bonus to Defence)(with Artisan bonus)
Tower (Defending Units gain a + 2 bonus to Defence)(with Artisan bonus)
Influence 41 – invested: 20 expendable 21
Lands 28 – invested: 27
Mountains, Hamlet, Road, Ruin
Law 14 – House Fortune -5
Population 29 – House Fortune + 1
Power 32 – invested: 31
Banner House (House Daggerwise)
Trained Garrison (100 strong; Awareness 3 Endurance 3 Fighting 3)
Trained Archers (100 strong; Agility 3 Awareness 3 Marksmanship 3)
Wealth 33 – invested: 30
Mine (+5 to House fortune)
Artisan (All weapons Castle Forged)

House Blackcliff was founded approximately 300 years ago, during the Targaryen invasion of Westeros. The Targaryen forces were attempting to conquer the Mountains of the Moon, and their advance had stalled due to the difficult terrain and heavy fortifications of the locals. While enduring a protracted and bloody siege of Castle Blackcliff, a small group of Targaryen conscripts snuck into the castle by night and opened the gates for the waiting army. The area provided a staging point for the army’s advance upon the vale beyond, and was of such strategic importance that the leader of these conscripts (a commoner by the name of Pen Motani) was awarded a lordship and made master of the castle. Pen took the name Blackcliff to honour his ties to this new land, and the house of Blackcliff was born.

Over the next generation house Blackcliff fortified their position in the region, subduing the nearby savages and founding a small hamlet to support the residents of the castle.

Around two hundred years ago scandal almost destroyed house Blackcliff. It was discovered that Borkham Blackcliff, the current liege and a renowned letch, had impregnated his own sister and intended to make the newborn “nephew” his heir. There was a public outcry, and as a result a number of Borkham’s illegitimate children rose up to claim the seat of power. By the end of “the Bastard Rebellion” Borkham, his son and sister were slain, and his castle in ruins. The oldest of the bastards, Dailin “the Sirekiller” became liege.

Dailin’s fortified his hold on the region by hiring mercenaries and utilising desperate hedge knights. This assistance became so commonplace that one of the groups were eventually given a small parcel of land and elevated to a house of their own (House Daggerwise). This house remains a loyal banner house to Blackcliff.

Dailin’s offspring oversaw stable and prosperous times for the house. Iron ore continued to be plentiful, and the discovery of new silver deposits increased the houses fortunes. For over a hundred years the house slowly grew in power and population, although bandits and wild men still troubled the area.

Half a century ago, a series of infant mortalities and unfortunate incidents saw Fenson “the Mad” become lord of Blackcliff. Fenson’s extreme paranoia caused him to obsess with shoring up Blackcliff’s defences. He emptied the house’s coffers and worked his subjects near to death making elaborate extensions to Blackcliff Castle and building “the Spike” tower as a first line of defence. Despite Fensons obvious mental instability, his time as liege was at least productive.

Upon Fenson’s death he left no heir, so after a few months of political wrangling a second cousin was found to become head of the house. Eight years ago Ser Penhurst, famed soldier and decorated general became the 12th lord of Blackcliff, and serves to this day.

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House Blackcliff

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