House Daggerwise

Liege Lord: Kale Clay
Realm: Mountains of the Moon
Motto: “We Stand Behind”


Defence 40– invested: 40
Tower x2 (Defending Units gain a + 1 bonus to Defence)
Hall (Defending Units gain a + 4 bonus to Defence)
Influence 33
Firstborn Daughter
Lands 11– invested: 11
Hills, Light wood, stream
Law 1
Population 6
Power 33 – invested: 31
Elite Scouts (100 strong; Awareness 4 Endurance 4 Stealth 4)
Trained Infantry (100 strong; Athletics 3 Endurance 3 Fighting 4)
Trained Crimnals (100 strong; Endurance 4 Fighting 3 Stealth 3)
Wealth 11– invested: 0

House Daggerwise came into existence just over 100 years ago, when after 20 years of loyal service to the blackcliffs Garn Redhands was raised from a mercenary captain to into nobility. The historical details are sketchy, but it is commonly believed that Garn was instrumental in Dalin Blackcliff’s usurping of his father, and his knighthood and granting of lands was the price of his assistance.

Despite it’s somewhat dubious beginnings, house Daggerwise has been a staunch ally of Blackcliff, and acts as the strong martial arm of the house when needed

Daggerwise lands are small and have few natural resources except a modest amount of salmon. Their major exports are mercenaries and their services as gaolers. The two towers on Daggerwise lands (Southfort and Oldstone) are both prisons, and the house makes a reasonable profit from taking captured clansmen and law breakers from the vale of Arryn. These men are either put to work at backbreaking tasks (Southfort was built by prison labour) or trained as a military force. These trained prisoners are jokingly referred to as having “Taken the Brown”, and are rewarded with better food and conditions than the workers.

The lord of Dagger Hall is Kale Clay, a middle aged man of increasing girth who was a formidable swordsman in his youth, and would like to think he still is today. He is rough spoken and quick to lose his temper, but still holds Lord Blackcliff in high regard (and maybe even a little awe). He has a fat and scheming wife named Skalla, and a plain, thin daughter named Hilda.

House Daggerwise

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