Treacherous Times

2. A Noble Visitor

Kale Clay, the lord of Dagger Hall grows sick of his nagging wife so plans a trip to Castle Blackcliff. While visiting he and his entourage hunt and feast and hold a “tiny tourney” where the Lords’ knights show their prowess. During the visit the following noteworthy things happen:

  • Thornton shows bravery in hunting a large old boar with his peers, and skill at arms by defeating Ser Mord Pinebarren’s squire (and cousin). He manages to make an enemy of the squire in the process of both. Fumbled attempts to smooth over their relationship at the night’s feast does nothing to soothe Kelin Pinebben’s ego.
  • Miroslav gets into a sparring match with Lord Clays bodyguard which gets a bit too bloody – the match is stopped by Lord Blackcliff after Miroslav’s shoulder is dislocated and his opponent loses an ear. Surprisingly, Yern Brittlebone is not too displeased with his injury, and he and Miroslav drink together that night in quiet, mutual respect.
  • Dominika makes and enemy when she fends of the lecherous advances of a drunken Drew Lakehurste a little too violently. Luckily she has the cunning to do it without witnesses.



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