Treacherous Times

3. The Battle of Stonehollow

Three days after Lord Clay has left Blackcliff, a battered and filthy member of his entourage returns. Lord Blackcliff hears of an unknown force that have invaded Daggerwise lands, and that Blackcliff forces are needed to go and restore order. With Penhurst having one of his turns, the Heir of Blackcliff must rally troops to face the invaders.

Thornton leads his troops into Stone Hollow, where his forces capture enemy scouts and lean that they face a combined force from the Giantsblood, Firestone and Crag Cats clansmen who covet the comparatively rich lands of Stonehollow.

Thornton rallies the remaining Daggerwise forces, and in a daring night infiltration led by Miroslav and Sidney they reclaim Oldstone Tower without laying siege.

By dawn of the next day they march upon the forces besieging Dagger Hall, where after a bloody battle they rout the clansmen. They kill over 200 clansmen and take 170 prisoners, with about 100 more fleeing back into the surrounding hills. The leader of the clansmen, Barker Giantsbood is killed in a cavalry charge.

In the interrogations that follow, the party discover a surprising bit of information, that house Aelethafel have been secretly provisioning the Clansmen so they could go to war. Being compassionate, Thornton takes the clansmen’s weapons but releases them otherwise unharmed.

Over the next few weeks the Blackcliffs work to fortify Daggerwise lands, bringing back stability to the region and further cementing the ties between the two houses.



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