Dominika La Rossa




Dominika has a strikingly beautiful and exotic look despite her 40 something years. She has a voluptuous figure and still knows how to use it. True to her Asshai hertiage she wears her hair long, loose and a brillaint red, which contrasts her vivid green eyes.
Dominika is a confident women- (living as a single woman in a world of men this can be seen as quite some feat)and has the balls to back herself. Don’t mistake her for a quiet and meek school mistress. She is willing and very capable of standing up for herself, and doesn’t take too kindly to those who may see her as only a “woman”.
Dominika is a dedicated and loving servant to Ser Balckcliff- some whisper that she was once his lover, but nobody really knows for sure where this connection lies.
Dominika was the “mistake” of an Asshai prostitute and a Free Cities pirate. She was forced into her father’s care by a mother who didn’t or couldn’t care. She spent her early childhood, sailing the seas with her father and his crew of “merchants”. Due to the superstitious nature of his crew her father dressed her as a boy – “Dom”. She lived as such until her disguise was foiled by her developing body.

As they travelled across the seas “Dom” was educated and taught languages by her father, in hopes of keeping her out of her mother’s profession.

During her years on her father’s ship she befriended a Bravossi Water Dancer, hired by her father as security. On long stints at sea he taught her his trade with the Bravossi sword.

After coming off her father’s ship she did just as her father had hoped would not happen- she worked in a brothel selling her body and hiding her mind. After years working in the brothel and working her way to the position of Madame. Dominika left everything behind on what seemed a whim and decided to travel the Seven Kingdoms.

Dominika La Rossa

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