Maester Morley

The young but exceptionally bright Maester of Blackcliff


Maester Morley is a relative newcomer to Blackcliff and a bit of a surprise for someone expecting a wizened, buckled scholar. He is in his early twenties, tall and skinny, and is adorned with a mop of hair as black and glossy as the ravens he tends. He seems almost perpetually dishevelled, sporting ink stains, raven droppings and detritus from his latest experiments. Morley has the tendency to loom – many guards and servants have been shocked find him underfoot.

Morley is distracted and nervous, especially around people of the opposite sex. When questioned he can often be insightful, showing an intellect and wisdom far beyond his years. He lacks social graces and confidence in his own abilities, and will only go outdoors if one of his current projects demands it.

Morley came from a noble family that soon grew tired of his bookish ways. Shipped off to the Citadel, he soon proved himself an exceptional student – soon earning three links to his chain per year. Perhaps his talent was seen as a threat to the Archmaesters; as soon as he took his vows he was sent to Blackcliff to replace their Maester who died from a chill. Another Maester may have taken the post as an insult, but Morley is happy enough with his lot as long as he has a quiet place to read and experiment.

Links: Gold (finance), Black iron (ravens), Silver (healing), Bronze (Astronomy), Valyrian Steel (Sorcery), Copper (History).


Maester Morley

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