Miroslav Ney stalks the halls of Castle Blackcliff at the service of his master Ser Penhurst Blackcliff. In hushed whispers, the servants and soldiers of the citadel have dubbed the intemperate hedgeknight “Blackcliff’s wolfhound”, an apt moniker given his tenacious loyalty and wrathful ferocity.

Miroslav is of common stock, born to a simple woodsman, Archael, living on the fringes of Littlewood. Miroslav joined his lord’s service as a yeoman at the age of fifteen winters, fighting against the wildmen of the mountains in bloody raids. The young Miroslav proved his worth time and again in the brutal exchanges, finally earning a place in Ser Penhurst’s bodyguard despite his low status, much to the dismay of the knights in the lord’s service.

His promotion was justified when Miroslav took a terrible wound in his lord’s place in the Battle of Dark Chasms against the forces of House Aelethafel. In the process of securing Ser Penhurst’s escape, Miroslav slew two of the heirs of Aelethafel and left their bodies to rot on the field. A crippled Miroslav was captured and imprisoned beneath Aelethafel’s imposing Citadel Dranos. For six months the Aelethafel’s took delight in torturing Miroslav for entertainment before Penhurst could secure his release with an exorbitant ransom for one so lowly ranked.

In exchange for his services, Penhurst knighted the wretched Miroslav as he was thrown at the feet of his lord in a bloody heap – the lord not expecting Miroslav to survive the hour. Miroslav has since been tasked by Penhurst to look after his son, Thornton, by any means.

Miroslav returned from Citadel Dranos a broken soul, no longer filled with the optimistic valour of youth, but the cynical pragmatism that comes with exposure to the worst of human nature. This, combined with his fanatical loyalty to the Blackcliffs (born from his lord’s payment of his ransom), means he now has no compunctions with following his lord’s orders, no matter how base. He dreams of the day he can unleash his fury on the entire Aelethafel clan, preferably exterminating them to the last and watching their contorted faces when they die.

His reputation is such that a room immediately quietens on his entry, and folk find his mere presence unsettling. Miroslav, however, is dangerously insecure, and is terrified of being captured, and any situations in which he might be imprisoned will trigger him to act like a panicked, cornered animal.

Miroslav is moved by the performing arts, especially the opera, and was seen as a blubbering mess after the latest performance of The Fall of the Scarlet Rose in King’s Landing. Miroslav carries a foot-long wooden case on his travels, which contains a battered violin. He plays in private, and is a passable player of tear-jerking maudlin tunes.

Miroslav’s demeanour is of barely restrained fury, even when laughing uproariously or showing affection. A façade of reason and nobility rests thinly over Miroslav’s violent inclinations. He falls quietly grim for the interminable moments before exploding into a sweltering rage.

Sir Miroslav rankles at his title, scowling if the honourific is used by anyone other than Penhurst.

Miroslav wears plain clothing when travelling, usually dark, drab colours. His torso is covered in hideous scars as a result of his torture, and he sports an impressive black beard.


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