Ser Penhurst Blackcliff

Liege Lord of Blackcliff


Penhurst rose to fame during of the War of the Usurper, where he distinguished himself at first as a soldier, and then as a strategist under lord Jon Arryn. As a general (seven years later) he was instrumental in the defence of Seagaurd during Greyjoy’s Rebellion. Ten years ago Penhurst was granted the lordship of Blackcliff after the death of Fenson the Mad (while he is only a distant cousin, he was seen as an excellent political choice and a stabilising influence on the area).

Penhurst was briefly married to a wife who died in childbirth, and has a son, Thornton, who is almost a man grown and heir to the province.


Penhurst was once one of the greatest military thinkers in Westeros. Despite his schooling and intellect, he was still a man of the people, and saw beyond people’s status to find their true worth. He was fiercely loyal to those who he called friend, but a terrible enemy once betrayed.
In recent years he has become more reserved, distracted and forgetful. On his best days he still posseses a razor sharp mind, but his best days are mostly behind him. Penhurst has enough wits left to know this, so he has become increasingly more frustrated with himself, sometimes to the point of violence.
His closest subjects do their best to help him get through the days, but it is only a matter of time before people realise that he is not the man that he once was.

Penhurst has shrunk and buckled with age – a lifetime of campaigning made him look even older than his sixty odd years. He is almost completely bald but balances this out with a tremendous set of mutton chop sideburns. Despite his age, he still proudly wears his plate armour when required, although it looks as if it was made for a larger man.

Ser Penhurst Blackcliff

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