Thornton Blackcliff

The heir of Penhurst Blackcliff




“Watch and learn son, someday the lives of these men will be in your hands”. These were the words of Penhurst Blackcliff, father of Thornton, sole heir to the Blackcliff house. These words haunted Thornton during his childhood years and was the driving force behind his studies in the art of warfare.

Thornton is tall for his age, but has yet to develop the size and strength to match. He has golden blonde hair, ice blue eyes but has a peculiar tanned complexion.

While he is versed in nearly every conceivable military tactic he has never once seen or much less participated in a real battle or skirmish. He has had a rather sheltered life, attending his studies with an over protective tutor, learning the healing arts from maester and training in the finer points of sword play from Miroslav, his bodyguard. He has no knowledge of his mother, only given vague details from his father.

While his sense of duty binds him to Blackcliff castle and preparing for the inevitable day when he takes the title of Lord Blackcliff, his thoughts often stray to flights of fancy of becoming a knight and leading a charge onto the field of battle.

Thornton Blackcliff

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